Welcome to geexel.de [pronounce: geekcell]

Geexel is an eclipse plugin providing a simple spread sheet file type. It will offer full spread sheet functionality using java as the underlying language, thus it will be a kind of Excel(Trademark of the Microsoft Coorparation) for geeks.

Before downloading: please read the following sections!

Status and perspective

Geexel is sure a pre pre alpha plugin (Please excuse the bad icons!).

I'm publishing it now since in real life I am a managing consultant in a very busy project. And I expect the project to become very very busy. So if anyone thinks the plugin is worth a little time it may be a good idea to start a project on sourceforge or alike.

Geexel will get better with additions to the jaret table (basicly geexel is a jaret table). So new versions will be triggered by my activities for the jaret table.


Geexel has been developed and testet with Eclipse 3.1.1, jdk 1.5_04 on Windows. I had no time for tests on other platforms ... so expect problems when trying other configurations. (OK I did a quick test on 3.2 -> works, needed 1.5 VM despite the fact I exported the plugin to be compatible with 1.4 VMs ...)


The concept of geexel is an inherent security problem. So before using the scripting features you have to turn on script execution in the preferences. Don't share geexel sheets with people that might want to harm your computer!


If you like geexel feel free to raise my motivation by dropping a mail: peter.kliem@jaret.de.